CVM Interview on Monday May 28, 2012

St Jago High School
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Attention all,

In the rush and damage control activity this past week I forgot a very special and urgent event.

CVM TV will be at school on Monday coming to cover Devotions and interview some of us (teachers/students) on our achievements over the 50 years and the contribution we have made to the nation.

This was arranged with David Brown from last week Monday. I just got a text from David reminding me.

In light of the bad publicity this past week, it is important that we put on a good show.  I am asking past students and parents who are in the area, or who can make the time, to come and join us. Remember that we begin at 8am sharp.

Our Music Dept will be at the All Together Sing Auditions, so we are depending on our teachers to do the singing. 

God's blessings.