2014 Penn Relays BRUNCH- New York

Eastwood Manor, 3371 Eastchester Road, Bronx, New York 10469
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The St. Jago PSA - New York Chapter is hosting a 2014 Penn Relays BRUNCH, and we are looking forward to seeing you!!!  This year 2014 is significant for Jamaica and St. Jago as 2014 marks Jamaica's 50th year anniversary of participation in the Penn Relays (1964 - 2014) and 270 years since the founding of St. Jago High School in 1744.

The overwhelming contributions of St. Jago's and other young Jamaican athletes to elevate the stature of the Penn Relays (America's Oldest and Largest Track and Field Competition) gives Jamaica the distinction of being the only foreign country whose flag is to be flown forever at the Penn Relays. This is another Proud Jamaican achievement gained because of all our support of our youth as our youth work hard, make sacrifices, and achieve greatness for Jamaicans everywhere.

Please join us in continued support of our young Athletes whose efforts and accomplishments make us proud to call Jamaica and St. Jago home. Get your tickets today (or make a contribution)!!! And join us in our ongoing efforts to support the students at our Alma Mater.
The details of the event are as follows:

Date:              April 6, 2014
Place:            Eastwood Manor, 3371 Eastchester Road, Bronx, New York 10469
Time:              11:00AM to 3:00PM
Contribution: $55 per person

Tickets and information are available from the following sources:

Opal Dunstan-----------------(845) 430-8058
Cedric Angus-----------------(516) 486-8738
Michael Archer---------------(516) 872-6922
Myrna Bell---------------------(917) 482-3174
Anthony Grant ---------------(646) 462-5095
Olive Harrielal----------------(917) 208-4487
Dorette Headley-------------(516) 451-4379
Jack Hinds --------------------(347) 234-0187
Marlene Reynolds------------(757) 332-2772
Perry Walker------------------(917) 841-0345

Please call with any questions or comments, and please note that contributions are welcome if you cannot attend the Brunch!

Best regards,

Cedric Angus
516-486-8738 or 516-644-0306
Proceeds to Aid SJHS Penn Relays Team

                            Sponsors: Sam's Caribbean Market Place 516-481-6602; Sams247.com
            St. Jago HS All Batch Reunion June 26-29, 2014 in Jamaica 516-451-4379, 845-430-8058