Annual Awards Dinner and Dance 2012 (Jamaica)

St Jago High School
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Please see below. Pass on to your batch - we are pushing for a bumper attendance this year!

The 2012 Banquet is upon us again and this year we are trying something new. We are taking the banquet back to St Jago on Saturday 10 November 2012. Cocktails will be at 5:30pm and the dinner starts at 6:30pm. The aim of the Banquet as you all know is to primarily raise much needed funds which will be used to support school projects and students’ welfare.


The banquet is also used as a medium where we recognize our Alumni who have excelled nationally and/or internationally and who have contributed to maintaining the worthy credentials of the school and have also given back to the Alma Mater. This year we are seeking to honour a number of our athletes who have performed creditably at the Olympics of which Yohan Blake and Melaine Walker head the list. This group is among other notable persons from the school whom we intend to honour.  They are Mrs Norma Grant, Mr Selbourne Johnson, Ms Norma Bucknor, Mr Rudolph Green.


The Banquet Committee in deciding to host the Banquet at the school, under the theme “Return to Ravensworth”, will not only aim to save on some cost, but seek to re-energize school patriotism, stimulate our friends and visitors and strengthen relations with our local and corporate partners and recapture any school spirit that was missing from our past students, family and friends. It is with this in mind that we are seeking to offset a number of costs, the main ones being food, rental and decorations, and as such we are requesting your support through the following;


1. Buying a ticket


2. Selling at least 5 tickets


3. Contribution in cash or kind


4. If you have a business you can pay to advertisement in our banquet programmes


5. Recommend companies that can be approached for sponsorship - especially if you work there and can push it through.


6. Assist with the execution of the event


We will not turn away any contribution, nor ideas and suggestions. The Committee looks forward to the support of the St Jago Alumni, Family and Friends.


It is believed that one of the concerns is the time and location. I'd like to use this opportunity to put these concerns to rest despite the fact that things and times have changed. I'm sure you all recall that we have had bar-b-ques and other functions at the school that have carried on into late hours and that a number of us use to hang back after school for extra lessons and extracurricular activities or just to ‘lime’. The cadets, football team and athletes have all camped there on several occasions.


I believe it’s about putting things in perspective. Nonetheless, we have approached the JCF and a security company in order to ensure adequate security. There will be a security presence from 5pm until 2am. We have asked the police/security company to maintain a presence from the entrance of Monk Street at the library to the school and we will be setting up a 'recovery team' should any of our female patrons (and male if necessary) require any vehicle recovery assistance between the school and the shell petrol station on Burke Road. There will be adequate parking on a well lit school play field.


Additionally, the formal aspect of the banquet will be short, sharp and to the point as we want to have a good amount of time to socialize, catch up and reacquaint ourselves with each other and to just have fun!


We encourage your attendance. Come out and enjoy the food and stay for the music, dancing, and socializing. It will be a good night to remember as we lead up to the All Batch Reunion (ABR) 2014!



Micheal McFarlane