Founders' Day

St Jago High School
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The day begins with a service of thanksgiving in the O R Bell Auditorium
Starting at 8:30a.m.

Rev.  Nicole Ashwood is the Guest Preacher. (Past student)

This year the focus is on Giving service, so the Theme is "Giving that others can work and play"

Since the focus is on giving service, all the Clubs and Societies that provide service to individuals, school and community will be setting up displays on the front lawn and past students are invited to view and interact with the students and give suggestions especially in their area of expertise. 

The O R Bell auditorium will have areas dedicated to
1. Those who gave that others can work and play

2. Those who are giving that present students can work and play and

3. Those who want to give that others can work and play. 

The afternoon (2:00 p.m.) will feature a Benefit concert that will assist members of the school family who have experienced tragedy since the start of the school year.

St. Jago  students, Innswood High School Drummers, Jenny Jenny and the dance group Over Load of Dancing Dynamite and many more guest performers will be on stage. 

We ask that everyone come out and give that others can work and play.  

Labor omnia vincit.