Sports Day Review 2009

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The confusing hair accessories that don’t match our uniform in any way, the increase in the sale of oranges, candies, pastries and other palatable items around the school, competitive teachers quarrelling in the staffroom and the weekly Friday morning scramble of trying to know the difference between form devotions and house devotions.

Do you know what it’s all about?

Yes, it’s time when the spirit of St. Jago is at its peak. The very soul of this infamous establishment reverberates with tremulous waves of excitement, anxiety and competitiveness; It is Sports Day 2009. As we prepare for the big day on Monday, February 23, we give a congratulatory applause to Beckford House for being reigning champions and issue a warning to them as Bell House salivates for the title. However, Bell and Beckford aren’t the only houses to watch out for. Campbell fell short of winning Sports Day 2008 by placing third overall but this year, as Ms. Castle says they are “fighting to the end.” Wortley surprised all by topping the girls section in the annual mile race, no doubt showing us that a victory can be taken just as surprisingly. Nuttall and Smith took the 5th and 6th places respectively last year but 2009 promises to bring with it new hopes of claiming the championship for both houses.

The cheerleading fanfare promises great excitement along with the, 100m, 200m, boys class 1 4 × 100m relay () and of course, the teacher’s race. Teachers such as Ms. S. Kinkead (Smith), Mrs. Fraser (Beckford), Mrs. James-Barnett (Nuttall), Mr. Burton (Bell), Mrs. Bryan-Lord (Campbell) and Mr. S. Manning are all heated about the outcome of this year’s sports day; proving that students aren’t the only ones in on the competition. The dynamic and captivating cheerleaders of Bell House are the defenders of the cheerleading title and we will all be waiting on the crowded, hot and noisy court on the morning of Sport Day anticipating this year’s winner. The invasion of St. Jago High by visiting schools, the sound system that blasts medium level music and the students who seem to have no clean uniform to wear on that particular day are just some of the features of our Sports day.

Regardless of the house you are in or the house you happen to be supporting on Monday morning we urge you to grab your banners, prepare your voices and enjoy Sports Day 2009.


Article by Princess Meggoe (student)

Ed. R. Thomas (teacher)