Five Million Dollars (J$5M) Target Surpassed for Science Labs Refurbishing Exercise!

Dear St. Jago Nation:

It is with a tremendous sense of pride in your overwhelming responses that I gladly inform you of our success in not only achieving, but also in surpassing our target for funds to refurbish the Science Labs at School. Congratulations to all of you on this outstanding achievement.

To date, we have a total of Five Million Two Hundred and Twelve Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty Six Dollars and Eighty Five Cents (J$5,212,526.85). Our original target has been established at Five Million Jamaican Dollars (J$5M). An enormous amount in pledges remains to be collected, and we urge those of you who have pledged support to submit your contributions as promised.

In discussion with our Principal, Mrs. Collette Pryce and with your collective endorsement, we will expand the refurbishing exercise to address the matter of window replacements for the Labs at a cost of just under Four Hundred Thousand Jamaican Dollars (J$400,000). Should you have any objections to this approach, kindly let me know.

Plans are underway for handing over the funds at a formal ceremony at School (during Devotion). Details of this event will be circulated and we anticipate your presence and participation where possible. The occasion will serve multiple functions, but most importantly it will demonstrate the practical application of "giving back and serving as we have been served," particularly to the young Ravens who are currently enrolled.

Mighty Ravens, I cannot overstate my own personal joy at having been a part of this initiative. The ease with which you made this perceivably daunting task achievable is nothing short of a miracle. At no time during any of my interactions, whether by telephone or email, was there the suggestion of intrusion or menace. Each of you willingly and readily committed your clear desire to do whatever is required to support and build our beloved alma mater. Please accept sincere and heartfelt "Thanks!" on behalf of all concerned.

I wish also to acknowledge the tremendous support of the team (Mrs Collette Pryce, Sandra Swyer Watson, Lissa Grant, Kenneth Holgate, Sonia Buckham McPherson and Barbara Tomlinson) that quietly worked alongside me in managing the activities of this particular effort.

May God continue to richly bless all of you as we give Him the Glory!!!!!


Labor Omnia Vincit

Melody Royal (Mrs.)
Project Coordinator
St Jago High School Science Laboratory Refurbishing Project
Tel: 863-8118/926-8053/809-4188/929-4242
561-370-7874 (Fla based overseas #)



Attached: Contributions List (in Excel) 


Please keep St Jago always in your thoughts and in your prayers.