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Monday, January 16, 2017
Monday, January 16, 2017
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Fellow Past Students:

We need additional volunteers for this Friday, January 20, 2017- Mentor A Form

The hallmark of St. Jago High School is Excellence. We hope you have been keeping abreast of the many successes and achievements of the staff and students so far in the last school year. We acknowledge your tremendous support as a most important ingredient in the successes we continue to enjoy as an Institution.

At this time, we deem it important to solicit your support in a drive we will be undertaking to help our current students to more fully appreciate and embrace the core values on which St. Jago High School is built. The decadence in the wider society will impact schools since the school is a microcosm of the wider society. However, the School is excellently positioned to powerfully impact those who enter its walls. Hence, while acknowledging the dynamism of society and changing value systems, there are some absolutes which remain critical in every age. We envision the typical St. Jago student of every cohort being models of decency and decorum, dignity and poise with a good understanding of the basic rules of etiquette.

It is true that many of our students develop these positive attributes along the way, through socialization at school. However, we want to take a more proactive, deliberate and intentional approach in ensuring that by the end of the first year, all students who enter the Institution will have been positively impacted by this campaign to rebuild and reinforce value systems that reflect the excellence for which the School is known.

We have launched a 'MENTOR A FORM' Campaign. As a past student, you can help in this venture by volunteering to adopt a form. This will require you to commit some time to speak to the students in the Form at least once per week on issues such as:

  • The rich legacy of excellence which they have inherited\
  • The need to carry on the tradition of excellence
  • Basic rules of etiquette
  • Decorum and dignity (Modelling the desired posture and conduct could be helpful)
  • Addressing other concerns the students may have.

We deem it critical at this time as we seek to continue St. Jago’s tradition of excellence by ensuring that each student becomes a model student in deportment and conduct. We look forward to your commitment to this project and are open to your ideas and suggestions as we give back to our alma mater, St. Jago High School. Kindly respond to the undersigned to indicate your interest - Blessings All.

PS:We work in groups of Two/Three/ so that each person will ONLY be required to meet with the students ONCE PER MONTH - Thank You.

Melody Royal
Mentor a Form
561-370-7874 (Fla-based tel. #)


Please keep St Jago always in your thoughts and in your prayers.