Breakfast Students share in Principal's 60th Birthday Celebration

Fellow Past Students

On Friday September 25, our beloved Principal celebrated her 60th birthday.  She was invited to join the special group of students who benefit from "Prayer Breakfast at Ravensworth" - see photos attached.  Mrs Watson was later surprised when the Web Team/Media Group arranged for the entire School to congregate around the front quadrangle where they sang Happy Birthday to her (see a section of the students gathered).

I would love to take this opportunity once again to thank persons who contribute on a monthly basis towards the Programme,  to GraceKennedy for the monthly supply of porridge and to the past students who pass through from time to time to share in light discussions with this special group of students.  PTA Treasurer Seita Cunningham, Past Students Veronica Burbage and Janice McLeod - you make it happen!  Your commitment/dedication is greatly appreciated.  To the kitchen staff - thanks a million.

Please keep the contributions of belts/shoes going - the need exists.  If you can assist in any way possible to help these students,  please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned - the needs are great!!


Thanks again - blessings always!

Melody Royal
561-370-7874 (Fla-based tel. #)   



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Please keep St Jago always in your thoughts and in your prayers.