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Sunday, March 15, 2015
Sunday, March 15, 2015
Claire Clarke-Grant

The Chronicles of the Children of Ravensworth

And it came to pass that in the reign of Queen Swyer 1 over the Children of Ravensworth that great events seemed destined to always happen in the Kingdom when the young Ravens traveled out to the neighbouring city, known as the nation's capital, to do battle in Chess.

It was the year of our Lord 2015 that after The Children did #shelldowntheplace (modern Ravens teach this is the preferred phrase to "Sweep" note elder Ravens the social media lingua - hashtag#) by placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the under 16 tournament the previous week, that the team returned to the neighbouring city to capture two more national titles.

Oh hear ye, hear ye, Ravens far and near, the 2015 Under 14 National Age group champion for Jamaica is Young Raven Akeem Brown, 2nd former and resident of Cheesefield in the suburbs of Linstead. So too let it be known that the 2015 Under 18 National Age group champion for Jamaica is Young Raven National Master Alistair Walker, resident of Hampton Green in Spanish Town.

Young Raven Josh placed 4th after meeting fellow Raven Akeem in the final round where he need to win to win, but the crafty Akeem took no risks with the dangerous Josh and held firm for the draw which was all he needed to win. Young Raven Jordan ended outside the medals with 3 points from 6 games.

There were no other age categories provided for us to win.

Our Coach, with the Russian handle Mikhail, has been elevated to most wanted coach in the chess the wider Kingdom of Ja, as he ended this weekend as coach for the Under 14, Under 18 and Under 10 champion and cracking young lass who looks lovingly at the gates of Ravensworth next year, coming third in the National Junior, adding to all he did last week. What a coach baaad!

Ravens far and near please go forth and proclaim these victories to all those who might not yet have heard, those who want to hear, those who don't want to hear and those who we know must hear for their own good.

'Tis indeed a blessed thing to be a Raven young or old! Queen Swyer the 1st in her reign has rained great chess gifts for us to bask in! SELAH.

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From the Gospel according to Claire