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Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Wednesday, January 27, 2016
John Leiba

Pre-Champs Update

Dear Friends,


Before you know it Champs will be up on us. I would like to point out certain issues where help is needed.

They are as follows:


1 We need accommodation for Champs which will be from the 15th March to the 19th March.

  You may make a contribution to same if you cannot provide any accommodation. Kindly note

  For logistical purposes such as transportation all the athletes must  be in one area. 

 We were fortunate last year in that we only had to pay $300,000 for the accommodation although

 The food and other cost would be in excess of $500,000.


2. We urgently need accommodation for 8 girls ( middle distance) for a two months period if we are to win girls champs.

    Please contact me immediately if you are in a position  to provide same . I am willing to discuss a    Contribution as I know that food is expensive.


3  Needed urgently 10 pairs of throwing  shoes for the discus and shot put  athletes these cost US $100

   Each and is needed like yesterday. The sizes are 10 to 14 two pairs each. Someone please call me to tell

  Me that you are willing to buy same and ship down immediately.


4  We are going to need an air conditioned tent for champs . Last year I had to be buying Pharma Cold and Flu

   For the athletes. We cannot spend so much on the preparation and then put the athletes at risk.

   At  a minimum this will cost $100,000.


Hoping to hear from you soon . Our athletes have been performing beyond our expectations in the recent track meets

You will hear more about this later  this week.






John G. Leiba Partner