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Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Saturday, June 21, 2014
The Ravensworth Reviewer

Joyce Ellis

The Board of Trustees, Principal, Staff, Parents, Students and the Past Students’ Association are proud to recognize and honourJoyce Ellis, a dedicated, innovative and distinguished Health Professional who has generously served in the Jamaican Educational System, and here at St Jago High School as a Registered Nurse for over thirty one (31) years.  Her service here began in January of 1981.   She quickly realized that here, the needs were different than those at the hospital where she had previously worked, and that a new type of Patient Care was required and that she provided, with distinction.  

We salute Nurse Ellis as a virtuous woman of superlative achievements.  Clearly her motto has been that it is better to serve than to be served.

 As the needs arose, Nurse Ellis initiated changes in the Sick Bay that have resulted in the optimal health and wellbeing of many.  Never overbearing, she is able to strike the balance between tolerance, temperance and training, even if it meant enhancing traditional methods with unconventional remedies to achieve healing.  To enhance students’ health and welfare, Nurse Ellis used her own resources to purchase and provide from the unmentionables to meals, socks, shoes and medication, even cup soup and Swiss Mist to ensure students had a warm meal in the stomachs before they took their “Cetamol”. 

As nurse also to the St. Jago staff, she conducted the necessary follow-up to ensure compliance to good health practices in order that we may escape the onset of avoidable lifestyle diseases.  She walked with her medical equipment to the staff rooms and offices in order to conduct vital checks on staff members, whose health she knew needed monitoring. 

As a known Witness for Jehovah, Nurse Ellis is the epitome of dignity, humility, respect and hard work, a servant of mankind and of Christ.  A compassionate humanitarian, Nurse Ellis has given unwavering support to the Programmes of the School from Sports to Students’ Welfare, from Home and Family Life Education (HFLE) to Violence Prevention, from Environmental Health and Personal Health to Hygiene, Menu Planning, and of course to the Spiritual Development of the population through the distribution of pertinent literature, and scholarly writings.  She was one single sophisticated nurse, working assiduously across the hours, uninhibited by a mere job description.

In the area of Sports, Nurse Ellis’ blessed fingers have massaged sore muscles back to health, many beneficiaries have moved on to become Olympians, World Champions, coaches, teachers and other professionals.  She conducted research and informed athletes of good practices and tips for greater success.

As an HFLE Teacher, Nurse Ellis handled sensitive topics in a super suave and subtle manner. For many years she was timetabled for and taught Guidance Classes.    On the numerous occasions when she was invited to give a Guest Lecture in a Biology Class, she went the extra mile to conduct the research and present the material, skilfully weaving in her experience.   She provided support for St Jago’s Red Cross Society in teaching Basic First Aid.  She was also instrumental in the training and certification of students to become Peer Educators.

Nurse Ellisis described by her former co-workers as committed, driven, and dedicated, a motivator, a survivor, a good listener and a mother.  She has been everyone’s Nurse and as such her impact will always be felt at St. Jago High School.

Nurse Ellis, as we celebrate our 270th Anniversary, we applaud you as a Nation Builder with particular emphasis on the healing of the Nation through Preventative Health and Wellness.  

We the St. Jago family honour and salute Joyce Ellis for 31 years of dedicated and distinguished service.