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Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Saturday, June 21, 2014
M Stone

Anita Gordon

Dignity, poise, charm, grace

A virtuous woman, a beautiful face!

Certainly, she was a lady with no time to waste.


Anita Gordonjoined the staff at Ravensworth on August 25, 1986. With great resolve she set about her tasks as a member of the ancillary staff.

Despite its rigour,

She worked with great vigour,

In completing with efficiency

All tasks assigned.

It soon became clear to her colleagues that Anita Gordon was no ordinary worker. Though she worked quietly, they found her to be a reservoir of knowledge about almost any issue they faced. Soon her job description unofficially expanded as she increasingly found herself in the roles of advocate, mentor, coach, confidante, counsellor and spiritual advisor. Eventually, she became the ancillary staff’s representative on the School Board.


She brought a sense of stability and reliability to her job. Her calm, cheerful demeanour and her integrity daily highlighted the dignity of work. Like perfume wafting on the air, Anita Gordon’s influence could not be confined only to her immediate colleagues. Her quiet strength, her compassion and nurturing were experienced by many of the students at Ravensworth. She was compassionate and understood their needs. She encouraged and gave moral support where necessary. She rejoiced in their successes as if they were her biological children.

Anita Gordonwas respectful and respected. She was jovial and created lasting bonds of friendship at Ravensworth. She was committed to the mission of the school and did all in her powers to ensure that her job was well done.

Indeed Anita Gordon is a full fledged Jagoite, a loyal member of the Ravensworth family. Today she remains ‘healthy in mind and vigorous in body’! Her years of dedicated service at Ravensworth have not gone unnoticed. So today we laud this woman of strength and character. Anita Gordon, you have served graciously and well.  Her dignity and fortitude, her cheerfulness and reliability, her honesty and integrity and the Christian principles which she has espoused are forever etched in our minds and on the walls of Ravensworth.

Her dignity, her poise, her charm, her grace; her are a virtuous woman, her cannot be replaced.

St Jago High School honours and expresses its gratitude to Anita Gordon for her 28 years dignified and efficient service.