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Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Saturday, June 21, 2014
The Ravensworth Reviewer

Orville Manning

What is a song ….Unless it is sung?  What is an instrument ….Unless it is played?  What is music ….Unless it is shared?  This is exemplified in the life of Orville Manning, Grade 8 Finalist from the Royal School of Music. 

Orville Manninghas a tenor that reaches into the depth of the human heart and lifts the soul making it soar like an eagle. His achievements, accolades and awards in this field are numerous.  He has been the Principal Tenor in Operas, Oratorios and Cantatas. He has received honour certification in the biennial Festival Competition of the Music Teacher’s Association and Friends of the Arts.

As Choir Director, he led the Ravensworth Chorale of St Jago High School to success the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s annual Festival of Music procuring gold, silver and bronze medals for its performances.

It is only natural that a mind so filled with the musical expression of the ages would overflow into the reservoir of lyrical expression Orville has composed five exceptional works. Having fulfilled his musical promise and in keeping with the saying by Yohan Sebastian Bach that the sole purpose of all music is to bring praise to God, Orville turned to sharing his knowledge. For many years he trained many classical performers at the full gamut of the musical scale. Finally he returned to Ravensworth as a teacher of Music. “Mr Manning” taught for 11 years and at the summit of his St Jago achievements he composed an orchestral arrangement of our school song ‘Born in the Shades of Ancient Santiago.


His life is a moving panorama of inspiration and joy, melody and harmony, musical expressions and exquisite compositions.

St Jago High School honours and expresses its gratitude to our celebrated tenor Orville Manning for 11 years of Inspiring Service.