Norma Joyce Bucknor

Norma, the standard by which others are judged

Norma, the courageous

Norma, the lady of her domain

Norma, member of staff par excellence of the St Jago High School family

Let us cast our minds to the seventies when Norma Joyce entered the gates of Ravensworth under the leadership of Mr O.R. Bell:

The geniality and dedication of the then inexperienced Norma Joyce saw her applying the knowledge and skills necessary to function in her given role.

Having served with distinction under the watchful eyes of several principals, numerous members of staff and thousands of students, Norma Joyce remained a constant in the lives of the Ravensworth family.

We watched her fiery red hair gradually change colour;

We watched Norma Joyce mature to become advisor, counsellor, confidante...

Having retired from Ravensworth, Norma Joyce has continued to use her hands to produce works of art: the functional, yet creative household items and a variety of exquisitely designed floral arrangement.

St Jago High School honours and expresses its gratitude to Norma Joyce Bucknor for 28 years of selfless and unstinting service to the school family at Ravensworth.