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Friday, May 23, 2014
Friday, May 23, 2014
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Statement From Donald Hawthorne

Recent media reports suggest that I may be considering the pursuit of another coaching opportunity, perhaps based on a proposal which was pitched to me.
Over the period of 10 years at St. Jago High, during which I have performed in my current coaching capacity, I have from time to time been approached with offers of other coaching assignments.  Most recently, I was presented with a most lucrative offer.  I am most appreciative of the suggestion made by the offer regarding the value of my professional services.
It is my resolve, and I state indefatigably, that until otherwise decided by the Board of Management and school’s administration, I will remain as Head Coach of the St. Jago High School Track and Field Programme.
 My relationship with St. Jago High School has transcended that of a “job”; I consider it a commitment to family. In those instances where my services are required to assist at a national level, and where this does not conflict with my coaching commitment to St. Jago High School, I will consider it my duty and honour to do so.
I am encouraged by the growth of Track and Field in Jamaica, and am awed daily by the recognition of its impact on the lives of the many young student athletes who benefit from the development of deligent practice and performance, as well as the social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs that are met by the various programmes throughout the island.
In this regard I am cognisant and respectful of the holistic role of Coach.  I look forward to continuing to contribute in this manner, for as long as I am able to do so.
Donald Danny Hawthorne
Head Coach
St Jago High School Track and Field