St Jago online project

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The St Jago Online project seeks to provide a central location from which the secretariat can operate, disseminate information and be available to all members of the St Jago Family. It is funded by the PSA Florida Chapter.  The project is built by Shane Edwards, that’s me. I also have a wonderful team of persons who help to maintain the project (see a list here:

I have been working on this project for the last 18 months, when the expansion of needs of the project outweighed the available resources at back in October of 2009 the Florida Chapter of the PSA stepped in and bought the project an unlimited domain from which to operate. Though it was quite a rush and at times it felt like starting all over from scratch over and over again (sic) we officially launched the site on January 1, 2010. Gradually we are putting the various sections of the site online.

The forms the home page of several sub-domains each of which is tailored to meet a specific information demand. Please read my other articles on the sub-domains for more details.