Web Team 2014

Shane Edwards - Webmaster  
Dujon Foster & Stephen Francis - Web Monitors  
Orandi Harris - Chief Content Monitor / Past Chairman  
Tavaughn Dean- Chairman  
5 Javaughn Keyes - Editor in Chief  
Jevaun Harris - Chief of Graphic Design  
  Jevaughn Williams- Editor (Calendar)  
  Collin Williams - Chief Photographer  
  Andrew Morgan - Content Monitor  
  Junninho Thomas - Chief of Techincal Support  
  Rapheekwon Rhooms - Graphics  
  David Thomas - Content Monitor  
  Ryan Grant - Monitor  
  Mark Tennhue  
  Kevoy Walters- Photographer Compositor  
  Steven Mcdonald - Monitor  

This page attempts to reconstruct the web team for this year. If you were apart of this team or you know anyone who was a part of this team, please feel free to send an email to the webmaster to help update this page